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2005 Commentary Archive

It's all about talent, and in 2005 we were lucky to add the talents of Kevin Pestinger, Edan Portaro and Don MacDonald, who were key players in the commercial turnaround of YellowPages.com. Newcomers Karina Kogan, Nathan Sevener, Christian Staller and Scott Gordon also made critical contributions, and Steve Glovsky returned from his long assignment at AdStar to help in a big way. The Convergence Team of Stefan Jacobs and Kevin O'Brien also became involved in another wireless venture. As a result, we were busy and had wins. 2006 promises to be even more exciting, as the technology boom continues.

Much more o flesh out on this, but we are working with Epansion Plus to implement our "micro-SEO" strategy with all out clients - it's how to go after a crowded market segment with an optimized microsite approach.
Karina Kogan hasn't been with us long - and already she is contributing mightily! Here is a first dispatch, with a few (but not all!) of her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips.
For the past year, I've decribed the modern customer acquisition process as a "Popcorn-Popper". It sounds funny but it makes sense. Slamming strangers into your website and hard-selling them works only when they are ready - what about the rest? You can't afford to waste the people who didn't happen to be ready to buy. Those hard, unpopped kernels need time and "heat" to pop them!
How do you make sure that you stay in touch with prospects and customers at all times? The key is the Closed-Loop Marketing process. Sure, you have systems - but it's not easy to integrate new campaigns - especially on a tight schedule.

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