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Mercury News, November 18, 2001: A new breed of fleet-footed venture firms is nurturing Silicon Valley tech start-ups, poaching the turf of established venture capital firms.
November 19, 2001: the 9/11 attacks will all but stop investments in high technology for the rest of this year and the first three months of 2002.

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2001 Commentary Archive

It was a crazy time but yes, we really did predict a tech turnaround on August 14, 2001. All that and more - right here.

December 28, 2001: We have noted the increasing importance of public relations and of reaching decision-makers directly. Sheree Johnson makes that point in excerpts from her talk with BtoB's Kate Maddox.
November 26, 2001: In today's issue of his Rapid Results Marketing Newsletter, author Joe Nicassio found a great way to revisit the pleasure/pain principle for marketing.
November 14, 2001: Red Herring's interview today of Emory Winship, managing partner of the Conversus Group, included a tally of his "list of 16 deadly business sins committed by startups". It is excerpted here for reference.
September 12, 2001: I think after the shock has passed, we all want to know now: what's in store for New York - and by extension, our economy?
September 5, 2001: When Red Herring published an excellent set of guidelines to managing down rounds and other horrors, they included Mayfield general partner David Ladd's previously-published advice for struggling entrepreneurs facing tough times.
August 23, 2001: As an early stage technology company, it's more important than ever before to gain early customers and revenues from your products.
On August 14, we wrote that funding appeared to be returning to the venture marketplace. Here's what we thought.
August 14, 2001 (updated August 23, 2001): We are once again seeing funding opportunities in the high tech landscape, apparently predicting the end of a long drought... Lots of reader feedback to this one - check it out!
July 9, 2001: Remember how hot banners were until about 97? This article discusses how to avoid the 'banner fate' for the new hot format: rich media.
July 15, 2001: Customers don't want to deal with new vendors right now; they are interested in getting more value out of what they have already purchased. The trick, then, is to become an existing vendor.
June 4, 2001: The following timetable for testing three business model options was developed by Steve Glovsky for a client company.

August 6, 2001: In an Information Week article on smart cards in retail, Patrick Gauthier, Visa U.S.A.'s senior VP of smart-card applications, said that tech-savvy retailers are taking advantage of the slower economy to leap-frog competitors.
"Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France by relentlessly attacking his opponent not on a long, flat run, but in the mountains," Gauthier says. "It's on the tough terrain that you see the difference between leaders and followers." Companies that invest in IT during tough times will emerge as leaders, he says.

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