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Fairways360 is the leading company mapping golf courses "street view" style! TechTransform was the marketing lead in the startup phase. (more)
"Riggs Eckelberry's New Energy" features "Various Comments On The Biggest Challenge Ahead". (more)
See the Forbes article here.
Riggs Eckelberry announced the launch of OriginOil. He stated: "We believe OriginOil’s technology is the missing element to enable mass production of algae oil."
OriginOil is the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform algae, the most promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum.  (more)
With the help of Riggs Eckelberry and team, a great new technology for securing computers and networks has gained a foothold in the crowded security software segment.
It's called CyberDefenderFREE and it's found traction with both the press and the public as "The All-Free Internet Security Suite". (more)
MaxPreps, the fast-growing online site for high school sports, brought in TechTransform this year to increase its visibility, implement commercial advertising and attract national advertisers. (more)
Network Streaming [now Bomgar Corp] is one of the hot tech companies in the Jackson area, and TechTransform recently completed an acceleration project managed by Vangel Capital Group. (more)
"The TechTransform team did a great job for us at Fairways360. We are a rapidly growing interactive media company focused on the golf industry.  As a startup, our biggest enemies are time and money.
"TechTransform got to work quickly, taking the lead in developing our marketing strategy. They also worked closely with our team to develop the creative and collateral to support the strategy.
"The TechTransform team worked seamlessly with our existing resources to achieve our goals.  We relied heavily on their expertise in launching startups, which helped us to avoid some costly mistakes.  
"TechTransform is OUR 'instant on' marketing team!" (more)
Over the past year several new companies have emerged offering Alternative Payment Engines.  These offer a creative way to increase sales, recapture lost sales, and in the case of subscription products, increase customer retention. (more)
Pay Per Click advertising, where you as the advertiser pay only when a user clicks on your online advertisement, can be an effective way to quickly drive traffic to your website.  But managed incorrectly, Pay Per Click marketing can be VERY expensive.  Here are a few tricks to improve the results of your Pay Per Click campaigns. (more)
"A recent, well publicized CMO Council survey of global marketers concluded that only 16% of companies rate themselves as effective customer relationship managers.  Given the cost to find a new customer vs. keep one (5x more expensive to find) and available expertise and technology this is mystifying." (more)
Jay Bower offers his usual trendspotting piece on what's working, what's not in early 2008. Seems to me that it's back to basics all over again. (more)
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