Role and History

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Role and History

TechTransform works with high tech companies and the financing community to transform technology assets into actual business success.
How TechTransform Came About
Riggs Eckelberry founded TechTransform after a career in strategic and product marketing that was followed by a "baptism of fire" in the tech crash of 2000 while serving as the first Managing Director of Santa Monica-based financial intervention firm NetCatalyst.
Eckelberry first outlined the TechTransform philosophy in a January 2001 speech to the Software Council of Southern California. And throughout 2001, TechTransform worked to help its clients survive the market bottom.
On August 14, 2001, Riggs reported on signs of a turnaround. Thereafter, TechTransform focused on driving commercial expansion for market winners.
Marketing For Success
Today, the company specializes in commercialization programs for clients looking to succeed in these prosperous but demanding times.
The companies that are surviving today outstanding technology, products and funding. They are looking for revenue expansion backed by solid, scalable marketing. We put experienced execs on the case who know how to develop immediate and stable revenue business.
The Process
As part of this process, TechTransform will build and help manage the sales channel, from partnerships to licensing. We have a network and a culture specifically suited to this task. In addition, TechTransform has invested in sophisticated systems to manage projects and pipelines to develop and run campaign sites, and to create and manage web-based relationships (Managed Networks).
The TechTransform team is also adept at bringing non-US technology companies and their products to the North American market (see our French language presentation.)
We're busy - there's a reason!
To know more about our team and our capabilities, please contact us.

We are pragmatic experimenters. We immediately test the potential of any technology by simply attempting to sell the product or service in any reasonable direction. (Our network has the wide variety of contacts we need to do this.)
Naturally, most of this doesn't work. After all, prospecting for gold mostly doesn't work, otherwise it would be called picking up gold by the roadside!
What is important is to realize when you have hit on a winning approach and to quickly follow up on it. So we're good at quickly establishing what will work in the marketplace, and then following up on it.
The key is to use a well-networked organization to do a low-cost initial try. That will give the REAL market intelligence needed to make a larger entry - or to change the entry strategy altogether.

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