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2002 Commentary Archive

Every month of 2002, the tech scene got better. We tracked it. And had a little fun along the way.

TechTransform, November 18, 2002: Now that Yahoo has renewed with Google, "the potential exists for about 70-80% of all web searches coming from a direct or indirect result of a Google listing." That's the message from search engine veteran Dave Kelly. He goes on to say... (with counterpoint by Scott Anderson of Shadow Marketing!)
TechTransform, November 11, 2002: Starting to use wireless to do business? What you don't know can seriously hurt you. Here's a must-read checklist from ZDNet Tech Update.
TechTransform, October 27, 2002: Someone calls you to pitch a product or venture. Now tell me you're not instantly browsing their website to see what they're about! The truth is that there is nothing more important than your website. Period. In that spirit, here are some basic, basic tips from marketer Jim Daniels. Does your website apply these?
TechTransform, October 7, 2002: What a difference a year makes. U.S. consumers spent $675 million on paid online content last year, a 92 percent increase over 2000 spending levels, according to Online Publishers Association, and that figure is expected to increase exponentially this year.
TechTransform, September 21, 2002: Online never died and the Internet continued to grow throughout the tech crash. Today, if you've adjusted your biz model, you can do business. What's the business model? Pure Online.
TechTransform, July 10, 2002: According to Toronto's TheStar.com, junk e-mail increased a whopping 450 per cent last month compared with June a year ago.  Cyberatlas reports that adult spam has increased 450 percent since June 2001. Yes, spam is booming, but I didn't have to tell you that. The question is: will it kill off email?
TechTransform, July 1, 2002: I hope you're doing well in this astonishing tech resurgence. Why is it astonishing? Because it's so uneven. The reason, I think, is commoditization. Technology is always vulnerable to commoditization (which means less branding value)... now more than ever.  Here are just a few examples.
TechTransform, May 2002: After the boom and the crash, here's a landmark event: according to a recent study, people are now spending less time on the Web looking for pornography and more time searching for business information!
TechTransform, March 6, 2002: What is this managed network thing, and why is it so different? In another article we discuss the details, this will introduce the concept. As always, I welcome your questions. Our program is about recruiting people who will refer business to us through e-commerce. They are commonly called affiliates. Amazon devised this program originally and they explain it well.
February 28, 2002: There is one proven strategy that will help make your product a world standard and it doesn't rely on any one partner, and it is to make the full product license FREE for personal and educational use.
21 February, 2002: Have you noticed that the tech comeback is about reality in technology, companies, revenue, marketing? It's back to basics, with a vengeance. The high-flying stuff is gone and discredited - but, quietly, much business is being done.
4 February 2002: At no time in technology history has there been such a gap between customer demand and the supply of technology and talent. Clearly, there is a need for a trusted intermediary to help bridge this gap.
January 4, 2002: It's a good thing that, by recent survey, 83% of businesses are planning to begin new e-business projects in 2002.  Boy, do they need it!
January 3, 2002: In Business 2.0's Barely Managing newsletter, editor Thomas Stewart spotlights a book by Robert Sutton (a teacher at Stanford's engineering school), called Weird Ideas That Work.

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