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Once again, a trend report from Crossbow Group, the direct marketing agency we admire most . Scott Gordon continues to do wonders as managing director , and has begun to publish his own articles.
An early start in 2007, with trendspotting from Crossbow and a soul-searching examination by Riggs Eckelberry about what to do about those bad bosses, and bad clients. He also launched OriginOil, a foray into the fast-growing alt energy sector. The company quickly received initial funding and filed for a public offering in December. Fast-moving indeed!
A busy year for the team. A major product marketing project in mid-2006 became a full-time assignment for Riggs Eckelberry and select members of his team. The CyberDefender story is told in our lone article for the year. We're very proud of our record in this young company, and Gary Guseinov, CEO of CyberDefender, agrees!
It's all about talent, and in 2005 we were lucky to add the talents of Kevin Pestinger, Edan Portaro and Don MacDonald, who were key players in the commercial turnaround of YellowPages.com. Newcomers Karina Kogan, Nathan Sevener, Christian Staller and Scott Gordon also made critical contributions, and Steve Glovsky returned from his long assignment at AdStar to help in a big way. The Convergence Team of Stefan Jacobs and Kevin O'Brien also became involved in another wireless venture. As a result, we were busy and had wins. 2006 promises to be even more exciting, as the technology boom continues.
In 2004, liquidity exits (mostly M & A) became common. Some say it's 1997 all over again ;-) We were involved with one exit at YellowPages.com, where we helped sell the company for just over $100M! Not a bad ending to an interesting year.
In 2003, the tech scene was just plain strong. We had wins boosting Panda Software's USA revenues, and we achieved a funded launch of a stealth startup. And the data conferencing service WebArrow became ready for OEM commercialization! Full speed ahead.
Every month of 2002, the tech scene got better. We tracked it. And had a little fun along the way.
It was a crazy time but yes, we really did predict a tech turnaround on August 14, 2001. All that and more - right here.

They deceive themselves as to what they have that is valuable in the market, 
they hold onto an internally generated theory about their business model,
they don't test every assumption, 
they don't look for other models, 
they don't recognize the successes early on, 
they don't triage multiple models down to one, 
they don't execute on successes, 
...and if they do any of the above, they don't do it fast enough.
Written in the depths of 2001...
Early Articles (96-98) 
Marketing with free product seems like an accepted basis for marketing software today. So I am continually surprised to find that the model is poorly understood, and often implemented in such a way as to handicap it almost completely. That these compromised schemes actually succeed at times, is a testimony to how good the model really is, and the quality of the products that succeed.
The Internet is maturing into a whole channel. That means it is acquiring all the trappings of a channel, with multiple tiers, gatekeepers, storefronts, push and pull marketing, brand building and category domination. In effect, you have to approach the Internet no longer as a derivative channel - that assists other channels - but as its own environment, with what we call Whole Internet Marketing.
As long as marketing could be done using well-established methods and distribution channels, it sometimes seemed as though all you had to do was aim a product right, and it would find its home among the audience. With the advent of interactive marketing, that idea is truly being put to rest. It is now no longer enough to push out something using a design and a message. You must do more. You must engage the potential buyer in an ongoing dialogue. That's interactive marketing.  

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