A Targeted Approach To Rich-Media Marketing

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Targeted Rich-Media Marketing

TechTransform, July 9, 2001: Avi Hoffer at Santa Monica-based HELP has updated the online marketing model for considerations of rich media.
Avi says: "Distributing a piece of cool Flash animation is far more meaningful when delivered in the context of a measurable, relevant consumer interaction.
In some cases this may mean combining Flash with polling or a mechanism for testing an audience's needs or preferences. In other cases, it may mean an online product demo or transaction becoming a part of the presentation.
Sophisticated deployment requires additional techniques and planning. But in order to maximize cost-efficiency, rich-media must be relatively straightforward to deploy."

More comments from Avi in Post:
Interactive projects can get “mindbogglingly complex” and producers have to make sure they don’t put up “so much stuff on the screen that the message becomes convoluted,” Hoffer notes. “Some get carried away with Flash. With Flash 5 you can embed a lot more types of user interactivity. There may be so much animation going on that you lose sight of what you came there for: to get information.”

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