Grassroots Marketing In 2002

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New B-to-B Marketing Strategies in 2002

TechTransform, December 28, 2001: We have noted the increasing importance of public relations and of reaching decision-makers directly. Sheree Johnson makes that point in excerpts from her talk with BtoB's Kate Maddox.
Johnson said guerrilla marketing tactics and a greater emphasis on public relations will be important marketing strategies for cost-conscious b-to-b marketers. But, she added, these need to be part of a larger, integrated effort.
According to Johnson, some of these tactics included "road shows and demonstrating new software and inviting people to big events at hotels and relying on one-on-one and guerrilla things to get word of mouth going, versus building awareness on a broader basis. Other grassroots efforts would be atypical media, such as mobile messaging or sidewalk signage. [Marketers] need to make it part of an integrated plan, with things that have proven to work, like advertising and direct marketing."
Johnson also remarked that "companies will need to truly start integrating technology [within the organization]. So many companies have set up e-commerce departments that were standalone entities. Instead of e-commerce departments having their own marketing efforts and marketing to customers online, it will evolve back to the traditional marketing function, especially as companies cut back [on people and resources].
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(Thanks to Liam Leahy for mentioning this to us.)

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