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TechTransform, June 1, 2005: Much more to flesh out on this, but we are working with Expansion Plus to implement our "micro-SEO" strategy with all out clients - it's how to go after a crowded market segment with an optimized microsite approach.

Here's the basic playbook for Micro-SEO:
The Micro-SEO™ playbook:
1.     Evaluate category for keywords and traffic.
2.     Develop and optimize microsite.
3.     Send out initial optimized press release, tune for coverage, do more.
4.     Develop and operate content syndication site:
a.     Core feed
b.     Guest Feeds
c.     Aggregated Feeds
d.     Specialty Feeds
5.     Get more traffic by tuning steps 1-4.
6.     Work on traffic conversions.
7.     Review.

Stay tuned.

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