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Outsourcing Closed-Loop Marketing

TechTransform, 25 January 2005: How do you make sure that you stay in touch with prospects and customers at all times? The key is the Closed-Loop Marketing process.
The problem is systems. Many companies have some kind of response management system, but it's not easy to integrate new campaigns - especially on a tight schedule.
We have developed best practices for Closed-Loop Marketing. With these practices and web-based software that we select for you, we can manage your new campaigns on an outsourced basis, without requiring significant additional IT or marketing management resources on your side.
Click here to view and download our best practices document: Closed Loop Marketing. Feel free to pass it around!
And do drop me a line if you're interested in finding out how we can help.

True That!
"Enlightened trial and error outperforms the planning of flawless intellects."
(Thanks to David Batstone for sending us this quote.)

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